English Language Skill Building

Whether you are looking to brush up on skills for yourself or your company, there are options available for improving your language vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and reading/writing skills. These classes offer you an opportunity to build your skills in a more personal setting where the instructor can gear the lessons and conversation practice toward your learning goals.

If you are an individual or a small group looking to improve your skills for personal or professional reasons, there are online classes available. We also offer in-person group meetings for smaller groups or large companies.

If you are a business looking to offer language classes for employees, we offer larger seminars that can be geared specifically toward your industry to best help employees excel with your company.

All classes are taught by a certified English as a Second Language instructor and have multiple options.

There are multiple options for the English Skill Building Courses:

  • Online one-on-one sessions
  • Online group workshops (5-10 people)
  • In-person Group Workshops (5-15 people)
  • In-person Seminar (15+ people)

In-person Seminar (15+ people)